O3 is a

Smart Platform Ecosystem

Achieve Smarter Operations With O3 Smart

The digital and data-driven solutions you need to increase productivity, cut waste, save energy and become a powerful manufacturing force.

Increase Energy Efficiency

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Reduce Waste

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Increase Sustainability

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Connect Intelligently

Automatically source data from all your machines, people, and processes – in one platform.


Customize Easily

Prioritize key areas of your organization with a wide range of smart manufacturing modules.

Convenient Access

Secure digital cloud access to your O3 dashboard from anywhere and on any device.

Optimize Your Processes and Plant

A single platform to view your manufacturing operations and empower your organisation from the production lines to the control tower ​with real-time data-driven insights.

“The dashboards in the O3 Platform provide us with beneficial insights that allow us to make well-informed decisions.”

– Mohammed Al-Attas, Planning Manager

Smarter Manufacturing With O3 Means More Of This


Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)


Breakdown Improvement


Overtime Reduction

Achieve Operational Excellence

‍O3 works in real-time to identify inefficiencies and alert you of potential issues. The platform then intelligently provide alerts and insights to boost productivity, sustainability and achieve operational excellence.


“The O3 Platform with embedded lean processes provides us with insights to optimize cost and increase productivity.”
– Bassel Elnashar, General Manager


The all-in-one platform ecosystem, with automated data connectivity, covering end-to-end processes and multi-factories.

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Instant data flow for all processes, connected machines and ERP softwares – immediately converts data into information and insights.


From top-management to all operation workers in one platform. Open ecosystem connecting multiple systems to it (ERP, SCADA, dashboards, etc)

ix.	Fast Setup

Fast Setup

Can be as fast as a few days setup time – or longer for complex personalisation.


Agile pricing

Pay per user, per module and per month. Customer service is integrated. No hidden fees and special terms. From CAPEX to OPEX.


IoT & AI empowered

provides real-time data collection and insights thanks to IoT connectivity and intelligent data mapping.

Data-driven mindset

Data-driven mindset

Help all users to become more data-driven and make better business decisions for more productivity.


O3 offers a wide range of modules that covers
your end to end operations


Production Order Management

Manage and control all processes by releasing scheduled ERP production orders, releasing batches for execution on the shop-floor,

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Autonomous Maintenance

Improve performance by cultivating and implementing autonomous maintenance culture.

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Progressive Maintenance

Develop enhanced maintenance procedures by managing functions digitally and ensuring overall maintenance plan adherence and consistent equipment effectiveness

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Performance Management

Ensure consistency in overall performance by creating and controlling review points and meetings through digitally updated scorecards. You may also generate action plans and follow up the effectiveness of said plans in order to ensure continuous improvement PDCA.

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productivity management

Productivity Management

Perfect the quality of your processes through full deployment and comprehensive measurement of OEE and FTE which enables the improvement

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KPI Management

Enable control over your company’s vision, mission and strategic KPIs through a comprehensive KPI Tree, which can be based on what targets need to be met. Actual measurements may also be controlled by detailed Functional Pillars and RACI Matrix, which act as a foundation for a fair Individual Performance Evaluation

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